Cat Enrolled for Aadhaar Card - Registered Criminal case against an NRI and the operator

After the dog gets Aadhaar Card in Madhya Pradesh trending news here one more news coming from Kerala saying that the Cat was enrolled for Aadhaar Card by his NRI Owner who is working in Gulf. The Owner of the Cat i.e. NRI who is working in Gulf had wanted a photo id for his Persian cat to take his cat to Gulf where he is employed.

Cat Enrolled for Aadhaar Card

And hence the NRI decided to apply for Aadhaar Card for his cat and he visited the Akshaya Kendra Centre to apply for Aadhaar Card. The lady staff at the Akshaya Kendra Centre accepted the application form of the cat and completed all the formalities the name and address was that of the owner, Azeez Abdullah as well as photo of the cat was clicked.

But this matter came to know to Kerala police when they received a complaint from Bengaluru Regional Aadhaar Card Additional Director, D M Gujral, during inspection of the application. And now Kerala Police have registered a criminal case against the NRI and an employee of an IT-based services delivery Centre on charges of applying Aadhaar Card for a cat.

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