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How to Validate e-Aadhaar Card Letter Signature

To Validate Digital Signature of e-Aadhaar Card Letter you need activate Internet Connection, just open your e-Aadhaar Letter PDF Document and then follow the process mentioned below for successful validation of Digital Signature of your e-Aadhaar Card Letter. Double Click on Validity Unknown a window will appear of Signature Properties than click on Legal tab and select Signer Legal Notice than a window will appear named Certificate Viewer in that click on trust tab and then click on add to trusted identities than click on OK and then next after accepting OK just on Signature Properties window click on Validate Signature the process will start obtaining the signature. After just close the PDF file and reopen it you will see Signature Valid with tick mark on it and the name of the Signed Person with date. Also Read: Download Aadhaar Card Online
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How to Verify Aadhaar Number if it's Genuine or Fake

Aadhaar Card Portal has come with another very essential feature for the public named as Aadhaar Verification. Where anyone can check if the Aadhaar Number Generated for the resident is genuine or fake. With this method, anyone can easily check or verify Aadhaar Number by visiting the Official Aadhaar Website on their Laptop, Computer, or Smartphone. Below complete tutorial which with you will get to know How to Verify Aadhaar Number if it’s Genuine or Fake. [Aadhaar Verification]  - How to Verify Aadhaar Number if it’s genuine or fake Just visit the Aadhaar Verification page on the Official Aadhaar Card Portal by clicking here . Once you are on the Aadhaar Verification page, you will find a text box where you will have to enter your Aadhaar Number, just enter your 12 digits UID Aadhaar Number fill the security code displayed in the image and click on verify button. If your entered Aadhaar Number is genuine on the next page you will get the message Aadhaar number 900XX

Documents Required to get Enrolled for Aadhaar Card ?

The Documents required to get enrolled for Aadhaar Card are : Proof of Identity and Proof of Address. Here are the Details below : Proof of Identity : Voters ID, Driving License, PAN Card, School ID Card from Recognized School, Passport, Government Photo ID Card Proof of Address : Electricity Bill (Not more than 3 Months), Water Bill (Not more than 3 Months) , Telephone Bill (Not more than 3 Months), Passport, Ration Card For Minors (Age below 18 Years)  Birth Certificate and Proof of Address. Remember to take photo copies of both ID Proof and Address Proof while you are going to Enrollment Station for Enrollment of Aadhaar Card. Also Read: How to Get Aadhaar Card with Enrollment Number

New Password to Open e-Aadhaar Card PDF

UIDAI has recently made changes to the e-Aadhaar PDF Password, from now onwards whenever you download your e-Aadhaar Card PDF the old password which is postal pin code will not work as a Aadhar password. You will have to enter a new aadhar password combination set by UIDAI, but to open all existing downloaded e-Aadhaar Card PDF File which you have stored on your PC or Smartphones the same old aadhar password that is Pincode will work as a adhar pdf password. Here is the new adhar pdf password which you need to enter to open your e-Aadhaar Card PDF File. What is New Password to open e-Aadhaar Card PDF? Use the first four alphabets of your name in upper case and year of birth as a Aadhaar password to open the E-Aadhaar pdf file. How do I access my e-Aadhaar Card? Below are the Aadhaar password examples with which you could access your e-Aadhaar Card. Option 1 password for aadhar pdf: Enter the first four letters of your name in UPPER CASE (as it appears on your Aadhaar. A

What is Aadhaar Card ?

Aadhaar Card is a simple ID (Identification Card), but Aadhaar Card is unique from other Cards because in A a dhaar Card your Demographic, as well as Biometric Details, are captured. For every citizen, a unique 12 Digit number is Issued on their Aadhaar Card by Unique Identification Authority of India, so that with the Aadhaar Number details can be easily traced by the Authority. What are Demographic Details: Demographic Details Include your Name, Address, Age, DOB, Mobile Number, Relationship, Email id, etc. What are Biometric Details: Biometric Details include your FingerPrints Captured, Iris Captured and your Photograph. Features of Aadhaar Aadhaar Card is Proof of Identity and not a Citizenship, You will have to authenticate Online to establish Identity. Aadhaar Card is valid throughout the Country.   Enroll only once for Aadhaar Card . Details like Mobile Number, Email Id, and Address will help you in getting updates about various services by Government. Aad

Download e-Aadhaar Card Free of Cost

Download e-Aadhaar Card Online free of cost without paying anything, now you can get your Aadhaar Card in your hands before the Postal Aadhaar Card reaches your home address. As all of us know that government people don’t do any work and if they do also their work is very slow, i am telling this because you people might be knowing that India Speed Post is an Government Authority and the Aadhaar Card's which are delivered at our home are delivered by India Speed Post and due to bulk Aadhaar Card's in post office the employees are miss bothered to deliver those Aadhaar Card to the Address. If they have send the Aadhaar Card through private couriers than it would have been reached to our address earlier without any fears. So those people who have not got their Aadhaar Card now they can go to e-Aadhaar Card Portal and download their Aadhaar Cards from there. To download your Aadhaar Card you will be needing the Enrollment slip in which the entire enrollmen

Check Aadhaar Card Status by Name and Date of Birth

In past this facility to check Aadhaar Status by name and date of birth was not available in official UIDAI Website. But in recent times due to people’s needs UIDAI have added several features on their UIDAI Website and one of them is to Check Aadhaar Card Status by Name and Date of Birth. So now let’s move on with the process on how to check Aadhaar Card Status by Name and Date of Birth . Procedure to Check Aadhaar Card Status by Name and Date of Birth To Check Aadhaar Card Status you will need Aadhaar Enrollment Number and if you have lost that number or if you don’t have Aadhaar Enrollment Id with you which is printed on Aadhaar Card Enrollment Slip than this will give you a total solution from your problem. The Aadhaar UIDAI Kiosk Portal have added service which now allows you to easily check Aadhaar Card Status by Name and Date of Birth (DOB). So to check status of Aadhaar Card by Name and Date of Birth you will just need exact full name and mobile number which you had