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How to Verify Aadhaar Card Email Id

Like earlier we have discussed on how to Verify Mobile Number, similarly in the same manner you can also verify your email id which was been provided at the time of the Aadhaar Enrolment. The importance of this feature Verify Email is that it helps you to check your email which is registered in your Aadhaar.

Some people may be having misunderstanding that this features allows you to add your email id or mobile number when no mobile number or email id is linked. If you are thinking like that then you are absolutely wrong this feature of verifying your mobile and email id allows you to cross check if your moobile number and email id is registered or not and also allows you to know which mobile or email id is registered.

So now lets get familier with the process on how to verify your email id in Aadhaar Card.
Requirements to ✓ Verify Aadhaar Card Email id 📧To verify the Aadhaar email id you should have your 12 digits Aadhaar Number.EmailActive Internet Connection Process to ✓ Verify Aa…
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Remove e-Aadhaar Card PDF File Password

e-Aadhaar Letter which you download from UIDAI Portal is always password protected. So whenever you try to open the downloaded e-Aadhaar PDF File you are been asked to enter the password. UIDAI has enabled password protection for all e-Aadhaar PDF Files to protect privacy and also to increase security.

Anyone who is having eAadhaar PDF file cannot even view the file without entering the password. To know the password he or she should also know the personal details of the Aadhaar Holder.

So in terms of security and privacy having a password to your e-Aadhaar File is highly recommended, but some people might feel uncomfortable to enter the password again and again when they want to have some quick view of their Aadhaar.

For such masses, we have something related to their taste that is how to remove e-Aadhaar Card PDF File Password. Removing password from Aadhaar will help you to open the Aadhaar PDF without entering the password, again and again, you can have quick access to your Aadha…

How to Apply for Aadhar Card Centers in USA

Indian Residents working in the USA (United States of America) might be wondering how they can apply for Aadhar Card in the USA.

As they are working in the USA they might find it difficult to visit India and might be searching out on how to apply for Aadhaar Card Centers in the USA.

Are there Aadhar Card Centers in the USA (United States of America)? Before we proceed further let me tell you that there are no Aadhar Card Enrolment Centre in any other country other than India. So Indian Residents working in the USA or NRI will have to apply for Aadhaar Card by visiting any Aadhar Enrollment Center in India. Enrolling for Aadhaar cannot be done online as it needs you to be physically present at Aadhaar Enrolment Center to capture your photograph and biometric details.

Before you make an effort to visit India to enroll for Aadhar make sure you have the supporting documents to apply for Aadhar Card. Below is the list of documents that you will need if you want to apply for Aadhar in India…

How to Download Aadhar Card without Aadhaar Number

Have you recently lost your Aadhaar Card? Don’t you have your Aadhaar Number Noted Down anywhere? If your answer is yes than here we will be guiding you out on how to download Aadhar Card without Aadhaar Number. Without Aadhaar Number how you can download your e-Aadhaar Card, you will get to know by following the below process.

First of all to downloading Aadhar Card without Aadhaar Number is impossible, and the Aadhaar Number is must. But still even if you don’t have Aadhar Number with you, there is a way with which you can find out your Aadhar Number.
Find Your Aadhar Number to Download Aadhar Card without Aadhaar NumberTo retrieve your Aadhaar Number just visit UIDAI Retrieve Aadhaar page by following this link. To retrieve your Aadhaar Number just select You want to receive Aadhaar Number and fill in the personal details like full name, email id, mobile number, enter security code, and hit on send one time password.One Time Password Code will be sent on your mobile number or email …

How to Download Aadhar Card without Enrollment Number

This Tutorial on How to Download Aadhar Card without Enrollment Number will prove important to those who have lost their Aadhaar Enrolment Number which was provided after enrolment. So if you have lost your Aadhaar Acknowledgment Receipt or if that Aadhaar Enrollment Receipt is not available with your currently for any reasons, than still there is a way through which you can download Aadhar Card without Enrollment Number.

You should note down that without Enrollment Number you can’t download your Aadhaar Card Online, but still you can find out your Aadhaar Enrolment Number by providing your basic personal details. So to Download Aadhar Card without Enrolment Number, the first process which you will have to follow will be to find out your Aadhar Card Enrolment Number.
Find Aadhar Enrollment Number to Download Aadhar CardTo find out your Aadhaar Enrolment Number just visit UIDAI KISOK Portal by following this link.  Select that you want to retrieve your Enrollment Number and enter your p…

Aadhaar Card PDF Password

We have discussed earlier how to download your e-Aadhaar Card Letter Online from the website, to know about it just click here.

But once you finish downloading your Aadhaar Card PDF File, to view your downloaded PDF it will ask you to enter the password. This means your e-Aadhaar PDF File is Protected with Password for your security and privacy reasons. Without entering the valid password your e-Aadhaar Card cannot be viewed by anyone.

So In this post, we will focus on how people after downloading their e-Aadhaar Card Letter can open their Aadhaar if they are facing any difficulty in it.

To Open the PDF file of Aadhaar Letter you need the password, many people may be unaware of their password and some people even though knowing the correct password may be unsucessful to unlock or view their Aadhaar PDF. Below are steps explained clearly which will help you to know what is Aadhaar Card PDF Password.

Method to 🔒 Open Aadhaar Card PDF by entering Password Once you have your Aadhaar PDF…

Verify Aadhaar Card Mobile Number

UIDAI provides a feature on its portal named verify the mobile number in Aadhaar. This feature of verifying the mobile number is just similar to checking which mobile number has been provided while your Aadhaar Application.

So this feature may come handy during those times when the Aadhaar holder itself doesn't remember which mobile number has been registered with his or her Aadhaar Card. Having a mobile number registered with Aadhaar is very important if you want to avail of various Aadhaar Online Services as well as you also get notified when your Aadhaar has been used at any place.

Below the complete process has been explained on how to verify the Aadhaar Card mobile number, but before that let's know the requirements which will be needed to verify the Aadhaar Card mobile number.
Requirements to ✓ Verify Aadhaar Card Mobile Number 📱To verify the Aadhaar mobile number you should have your 12 digits Aadhaar Number.Mobile NumberActive Internet Connection  Process to ✓ Verify…