Aadhaar Card Enrollment Rejected?

Is you Aadhaar Card Enrollment Rejected did you received any message on your registered Mobile number that your Aadhaar Card Generation is Rejected than here we are going to list few points with which you would easily get these problem of Rejection of your Aadhaar Card.

Aadhaar Card Rejected

Mostly many people in India are messed up and don’t know that they have earlier Enrolled for Aadhaar Card or not, some people because they have not received their Aadhaar Card they go to Aadhaar Center and they re-enroll them self, but this is the not the solution what you are looking for, a person can enroll for Aadhaar Card only once and even if you enroll any number of times after that it will be rejected afterwards the only one which you have Enrolled first will be Accepted in the server and that you will get by Indian Post. On the Aadhaar Card form it’s also written that if already enrolled don’t enroll again, check out the below screenshot of the Aadhaar Card form where they have printed declaration.

Aadhaar Card Enrollment Rejected?

If you are only asked to re-enroll for Aadhaar Card by UIDAI Officials than only you have re-enroll yourself for Aadhaar Card otherwise you are wasting your time by re-enrolling yourself for Aadhaar Card. When you get enrolled for Aadhaar Card several times than you will get Message on your Mobile that Aadhaar Card Enrollment have been rejected due to you have earlier enrolled with other Enrollment ID.

So if you have not received your Aadhaar Card after waiting for 3 Months or longer than that, than you have to check what the problem is, first of all you should keep your Aadhaar Card Acknowledgement Slip safe so that you can track your Aadhaar Card Application and even you can download your e-Aadhaar Card Letter Online.

If you have not received your Aadhaar Card than might be you were not present at your residence when the Postal Official appeared at you house for the Aadhaar Card delivery and if he don’t finds you in your Address than your Aadhaar Card will be sent back to the Aadhaar Card Bangalore Office.

Might be also your Postal Service have misplaced your Aadhaar Card this have occurs many times and many people are suffering because of this problem.

If you Aadhaar Card is lost you may not worry you can download your Aadhaar Card Online.

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