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Busted - Fake Aadhaar Centers Operated by Fraudsters

An Aadhaar Enrolment team from the Nodal Office raided a cyber cafe in Manesar and in Sector 18 Gurugram, as they were using rubber plaques with thumb impressions of authorized persons to run fake enrollment centers.

Busted - Fake Aadhaar Centers Operated by Fraudsters

Previously the team has submitted the report on the two cafes to additional deputy commissioner Munish Sharma, who ordered legal action.

The Cyber Cafe on Manesar-Khoh Road which was being managed and run by Vinod Kumar was raided on September 6. Vinod Kumar was using thumb impression and software of his Jajjhar-based relative, which is an authorized operator under District Information Technology Society (DITS).
Later on after two days one more raid was done on the Cyber Cafe in Sector 18 in Gurugram which is being run and managed by Dalip Singh. Dalip Singh was using the thumb impression and software authorized to his brother who is working with DITS Alwar and based in Alwar, Rajasthan.
UIDAI (The Unique Identification Authority of India) has currently blacklisted Bachchu and Chanchal and FIR's are been registered against Singh and Kumar.

Kumar tried to prove his innocence by saying that he has started Aadhaar Enrolments two years ago when private agencies were involved in the process. And now he is not doing any Aadhaar related work. When team raided cyber cafe, he was only helping the customer with online documents he said. He also added that the only mistake which he did is, he didn't removed the banner related to Aadhaar Enrolment from outside his cyber cafe.

Kumar's Partner Rahul also stated that several cyber cafes in Manesar are using rubber thumb impression trick for Aadhaar Enrolment without any valid authorization.
Aadhaar Team which led the raid stated that Kumar was enrolling residents for Aadhaar using software from Chanchal Kumari. They has conducted the raid under guise of the customers. They also have video clip of Kumar with strip displayed on the laptop which is displaying Kumari’s registration code, software id and district agency code.


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