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Success Story based Aadhaar Contest

Terms  & Conditions

Aadhaar Makes It Easy


The Contest is open to the residents of India only. Non-Aadhaar holders are not eligible to participate.

  • The validity of this campaign begins at 00:00 on July 10, 2017 and ends at 23:59 on August 9, 2017 (i.e. 30 days).
Participation Criterion:
How to participate?

  • Entries must be submitted online via modes described in Sl. No
  • No  physical  copy  will  be  accepted  at  any  of  the  UIDAI offices.
  • Stories can only be uploaded as:Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) OR in PDF format (.pdf) OR Link  to  a  published  blog  article  (publishing  date  should  be after contest start date and before contest end-date) And sent to us as: a private message on Facebook/Twitter OR email to
  • Submissions in the form of Google Docs (.gdoc), Pages documents (.pages)  or  other  word  processor  formats  are  not  acceptable.
Note:  If  we  are unable  to  find or  open  your  essay  file (  owing  to either  an  incorrect  format  or  upload  error),  your  entry  may  be declared invalid.
  • For submissions,one needs to write a detailed article on Aadhaarand the way it is changing lives of people with suitable examples,facts and figures and send the link to us via a private message on Facebook/Twitter  or  email  to  with your  name  titled  as  author  of  the  same  article.  The  said  article should  be  an  original  article  and  should  have  been  published during the period of the said contest i.e. between July 10, 2017 to August 09, 2017 only.
  • Word limit for the article is between 200 to 500 words.
  • All the contestants must positively send in their entries for this contest along with the following details:
  1. Aadhaar Number (participant’s)
  2. Name as on Aadhaar
  3. Contact address
  4. A confirmation (ONLY Yes/No. Bank details not required)that their Aadhaar is linked to a bank account.
  5. In case the participant’s Aadhaar is not linked to a bank account, please refer to Point No. ‘i’ in 
  6. General Terms & Conditions mentioned below.

Dos :
  • Only  one  entry  per  person  will  be  accepted.  Only  individual entries will be accepted. Team entries will not be accepted.
  • Submitted  story  must  be  based  on  true  story  of  either  the contestant or his/her acquaintance. 
  • Word  limit  for  submitted  story  or  blog article  should  be  200  to 500  words.  It should  describe  how  Aadhaar  changed  their  lives and  impact  of  Aadhaar  as  an  identity  platform  in  the  story which  may  include  real-life  examples.  The participant  may  use photographs/  illustrations  to  support  the  story.  (These  should be  original  work  ONLY.  Any  liability  arising  about  Copyright  of the images used shall be with the author/ publisher ONLY).
  • Story can either be in Hindi or English only.
  • Any entry or submission shared as a public Tweet/ Post or Comment on UIDAI’s  official  social media  pages  will  be  deemed  invalid.  Only submission   made   by   private   message   will      be  considered   for evaluation, provided it meets conditions described in this document.
  • Use  of  Plagiarism  will  not  be  appreciated  and  such  entry  will  be deemed invalid.
  • Please  do  not  mention  or  show  your/anyone’s  Aadhaar  number  or direct  contact  information  in  the  submitted  article.  Such  entries  will be deemed invalid.
  • Sharing of details such as Name, Contact number, Aadhaar number and a  confirmation  in  Yes/No that  your  Aadhaar  is  linked  to  your  bank account  at  the  time  of  submission  is  mandatory;  without  which  the entry will be deemed invalid.
  • In  case  the  participant’s  Aadhaar  is  not  linked  to  a  bank  account, please refer to Point No. ‘i’ in  General Terms & Conditions mentioned below.


Your entry shall not contain any content that:
  • is  derogatory  of  any  ethnic,  racial,  gender,  religious  or    unnecessarily violent, profane, or pornographic.
  • promotes  alcohol,  illegal  drugs,  tobacco,  firearms/weapons  (or  the  use of any of the foregoing); promotes any activity that may appear unsafe or dangerous.
  • is obscene or offensive; endorses any form of hate or hate group.
  • appears to duplicate any other submitted Entries.
  • defames,  misrepresents  or  contains  disparaging  remarks  about  other people, companies, or organizations.
  • contains  materials  embodying the  names,  likenesses,  voices,  or  other indicia  identifying  any  person,  including,  without  limitation,  celebrities and/or   other   public   or   private   figures,   living   or   dead,   without permission.


After the last date, all eligible entries, received during the Contest Period, will be evaluated by the evaluation committee.

The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:
  • Message(s) being communicated 
  • Uniqueness of work &  use of language 
  • Correctness of information The Finalists will be contacted through email/ message by Sept 15, 2017. If you have  not  been  contacted  by  this  date,  you  may  assume  that  your  work  has  not
been short-listed.

Winners Selection:
  • UIDAI’s discretion is final and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.
  • Results will be posted on UIDAI’s official Social Media Platforms.
  • All  winners  will  be  notified  by  email  or  by  private  message  on  relevant social media platform.
  • Contest participation  by  default  would  mean  that  the  participant  gives consent  to  the  use  of  their  information  submitted,  for  advertising purposes   in   any   and   all   media,   including   online   media,   without additional compensation.

  • Top five success stories/ blog articles will be awarded a cash prize of  Rs. 20,000/- while the next 20 success stories/ blog articles will get a prize of 5,000/-
  • Prize money will be sent to Aadhaar linked bank account only. 
  • Prizes are non-transferable.
  • Result will be posted on Social Media by Sep 10 ,2017. 

General Conditions:
  • The action of sharing the success story/blog writing does not guarantee a winning.
  • UIDAI  employees  or  employees  of  any  of  its  vendor  agencies  may participate   in   the   contest.   However,   their   entries   will   only   be rewarded  with  participation  or  appreciation  certificate  and  no  prizes will be awarded to such entries.
  • Participation in the contest itself means that the contestant agrees to the terms and conditions as laid out in this document.
  • By  participating  the  contestant  also  undertakes  that  he/she  is  the original author of the article and the information used in the article is correct and factual.
  • The  contestant  also  gives  consent  to  UIDAI  to  use  his/her  name, and/or  story  or  parts  thereof  in  any  merchandise,  advertisements, educational  materials  or  publicity  carried  out  or  produced  by  UIDAI without further notice or compensation. 
  • UIDAI  can  publish  or  decline  to  publish,  or  use  or  decline  to  use,  any submitted  story  from  #AadhaarMakesItEasy  Contest  in  any  form  it deems fit.
  • Entrants  must  comply  with  these  rules,  and  will  be  deemed  to  have received and understood the rules if they participate in the contest.
  • It is mandatory for all the participants to have an Aadhaar linked bank account for  hassle-free  and  fair  disbursement  of  prize  amount,  if selected as a winning entry. If you do not have your Aadhaar linked to your  bank  account  and  you  wish  to  participate  and  showcase  your talent  on  a  national  level,  you  can  still  participate  by  linking  your Aadhaar with your respective bank account until the result of the said contest  is   out   i.e,  10th   September   2017.    
  • In   such   cases,   the contestant needs to inform UIDAI with a confirmation that his/ her Aadhaar is now linked to a bank account.
  • UIDAI  is  not  responsible  for  any  errors  or omissions  in advertising  this contest.  This contest will run in accordance with these contest rules, subject to amendment by UIDAI. 
  • UIDAI  reserves  the  right  to  cancel,  amend,  modify,  postpone  or terminate this contest or the rules at anytime in its sole discretion and  without any prior notice.