Aadhaar Operator Arrested on Enrolling Osama Bin Laden

Aadhaar Operator named Saddam Mansuri from Mandal Rajasthan was recently arrested by cops for enrolling Osama Bin Laden.

This Operator allegedly tried to enroll terrorist Osama Bin Laden by clicking blurred image of the terrorist, and he marked exemption for fingerprints and iris. Also he didn't submitted any proof of id or proof of address. Once the data was moved to UIDAI CIDR, UIDAI came to know about this and straight away a complaint was lodged against the operator and he was arrested.

Previously many such cases has come where the Aadhaar Operator enrolled Lord Hanuman, Cats, Dog, and Cows etc. But here operator crossed the limits by enrolling the terrorist Osama Bin Laden.