Aadhaar Privacy Questioned After MS Dhoni's Aadhaar Details Leaked Online

Recently former cricket captain MS Dhoni's Aadhaar Details were leaked online by Aadhaar Enrolment Agency Operator. The Aadhaar Operator had tweeted on twitter the screenshot of MS Dhoni's Aadhaar Enrolment page which made personal details of MS Dhoni to leak online. However the Aadhaar Enrolment Agency Operator has tweeted MS Dhoni's details due to fan moment stating he had prepared Aadhaar of MS Dhoni.

Aadhaar Privacy Questioned After MS Dhoni's Aadhaar Details Leaked Online

But after this incident the question is arising when former cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s are leaked like this, Is Indian Citizens private information safe?

MS Dhoni's Wife Sakshi Dhoni tweeted this incident to Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad but in reply he tweeted "Aadhaar Is Full Secure, As far as I know, no personal information has been leaked but I have still assured his wife that we will take full care that no personal information is leaked".

In the controversial tweet that has since been deleted, the Common Service Centre had said: "Former India Cricket Captain @msdhoni updated his Aadhaar details with a home visit by a CSC VLE. A fan moment for Ahsan Ali." The minister was tagged in that post.

To this tweet Sakshi Dhoni replied No it is not a public property. Does this Tweet divulge any personal information?

And to this Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad replied Thanks for bringing this to my notice. Sharing personal information is illegal. Serious action will be taken against this.

Later on to this incident Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad instructed the Aadhaar Enrollment Agency to speak with the employee who had shared picture of MS Dhoni's Aadhaar Details on Twitter and ensure him that such thing will not be repeated in future.

Allegations of data security breach in Aadhaar have been in the headlines lately, UIDAI took decision to suspend the authentication services of Axis Bank over concerns about biometrics data being saved illegally. The rules do not allow anyone to store data taken for Aadhaar.