e-Aadhar Letter Validity

If you are having query about what is the Validity of e-Aadhar Letter, then reading below letter will solve your query.

Government of India
Planning Commission
Unique Identification Authority of India

9th Floor, Tower-I, Jevan Bharati Building
Connaught Circus, New Delhi

Dated: 28.03.2013


Subject: Validity of e-Aadhaar as Proof of Identity – regarding

Aadhaar is the national identity program of Government of India and has the mandate for delivering a unique identity number to every resident in the country. The processes setup by UIDAI for issuing Aadhaar are designed to deliver a strong POI and POA. This include the identity and address of the resident are verified during enrollment, document based verification, biometric
Data covering ten finger prints and iris scan of both eyes. Further, stringent quality checks and de-duplication process ensure prevention of duplication of data.

Central Government as well as state Governments have linked various social sector schemes/ projects to Aadhaar. Further, various Central and State Government organizations have notified Aadhaar as a valid POI and POA. In view of the above and recognition of Aadhaar as an authentic document for various
Services, wider use of e-Aadhaar is expected. Queries have been raised from time to time regarding validity of e-Aadhaar from the various stakeholders. There is already a system in place for use of e-KYC service to verify the identity of the residents seeking services from the user agencies.

A "Resident Portal" had been launched to enable the Residents to download their "e-Aadhaar", an electronically generated letter, from the website of UIDAI. In addition, Common Service Centers have been set up in States are also catering to the needs of the residents in providing e-Aadhaar. This requirement has been established for facilitating process of communication of Aadhaar numbers, especially when in a number of cases Aadhaar letters could not reach the residents due to one reason or the other.

The issue has been considered and it has been decided that e-aadhaar is to be treated as a valid document in view of the fact that it has been digitally certified. The Information Technology Act, 2000 provides for legal recognition of
Electronic records with digital signatures. The e-aadhaar document is digitally signed using certificate issued by NIC as per IT Act, 2000. Further, all the data printed in e-aadhaar letter, is the same data as printed in Aadhaar letter. In view
Of the above, e-aadhaar is a valid and secured electronic document which should be treated at par with printed Aadhaar letter.

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