High Court of Gujarat requested Government to issue Aadhaar Cards to prisoners

More than 12,000 Indian Nationality prisoners all over Gujarat state to get Aadhaar Card within a month. The state Government agreed with Gujarat High Court request to issue Aadhaar Card’s for all prisoners in Gujarat and also assured that proper arrangements shall be made in prisons to enroll the inmates to obtain their Aadhaar Card’s, the state Government also added that the process to get enroll to obtain Aadhaar Card’s for prisoners will be commenced as soon as possible and would be completed by 15th Match 2014. 

Aadhaar Cards for Prisoners in Gujarat

The Gujarat High Court took interest in this matter to issue Aadhaar Card’s for inmates in the prison because there where many cases where the inmates family members where requesting to grant bail to their inmate head of the family member to issue Aadhaar Card as its mandatory to get subsidized gas cylinders. So the High Court of Gujarat came with this process to get enroll inmates in the prisons to get their Aadhaar Cards issued.

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