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Linking SBI Bank Account with Aadhaar Card

Linking Bank Account with Aadhaar Card have become mandatory sue to various schemes, and subsidies implemented by Government of India it is necessary to have your Bank Account linked to your Aadhaar Card.

So here we will be guiding you with how to link your State Bank of India Bank Account with your Aadhaar Card. First of all you will need following documents.

You’re Aadhaar Card with 1 Photocopy of it

You’re State Bank of India Account Passbook with 1 Photocopy of it

You will need to carry original document as well as Photocopy

Just download the form, from here to link your SBI Account to Aadhaar Card

The Bank Account should be Savings Account and no other type of Account

After you download the letter of Bank Account linking with Aadhaar Card, just fill it and submit it to your State Bank of India Branch with the photocopies of document’s enclosed above.

After Submitting all documents the Bank employee will tell you further process.

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  1. please Linked my Aadhar card to my A/C No 30459024856 I Submitted application with copy of aadhaar card on January-2014 in bank branch mantown sawai madhopur

  2. Hello sir Sir i want The Latest Details About The IFSC Code Abhyudaya Banks Kharghar branch, navi mumbaiL, Raigad, Please Sir update The Page & provide Me some Information About the IFSC Code ....


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