Aadhaar is just an Identity Card issued by Central Government of India, the Document called Aadhaar Card can only be used as a Proof of Identity and not any residence proof.
To get your Aadhaar Card you need to get enrolled for Aadhaar Card, you can enroll yourself for the Aadhaar Card in your nearest located Aadhaar Card Center to know the nearest located centers in your area click here 

Than you have to walk in to the Center fill up the Aadhaar Card Application form which you will get it from Center free of Cost, just fill it enclose Proof of Identity and Proof of Address photocopies, to know the valid documents which you can enclose for Aadhaar Card Enrollment click here

Just submit it to the Operator and all remaining process will be done by him, just follow his instructions.

Aadhaar can be used to gain various Government Schemes, Aadhaar have now become mandatory for every resident of India.

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