Aadhaar Card Now Accepted now as POI and POA for Issuance of PAN Card

Now Aadhaar Card will be accepted as a Proof of Address and Proof of Identity to apply for PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card.

Aadhaar Card

Central Board of Direct Taxes have released a revised list of documents which are applicable to apply for PAN Card which include Proof of Address and Proof of Identity. In which they have mentioned Aadhaar Card in Proof of Identity as well as Proof of Address. So now if you have Aadhaar Card only you can apply for your PAN Card easily.

Previously they was not considering Aadhaar Card as an Address Proof, but it was valid only as a Proof of Identity, but due to recent changes done to the list of documents eligible to apply for PAN Card they have added Aadhaar Card for both Proof of Identity and Proof of Address.

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