Scan Aadhaar Card Data with Barcode Scanner

Aadhaar Card can now be scanned to collect the data like UID Number, Name, Year of Birth, Address and Pin Code. This data can be easily recorded in one click. If you people want to try out this you can download a small application on your Android Mobile device called Bar Code Scanner which you will get it in Android Play Store just download and install.

Than on your Aadhaar card you will find a code like QR/Barcode which is on left side below the Aadhaar Card number and above the Aadhaar Aam Aadmi Ka Adhikar slogan of your Aadhaar Card you will find a code, just open the application Bar Code Scanner on your Android Mobile and start scanning that code it will take 2 seconds to capture it and after capture you will get all details on your mobile captured with the Bar Code Reader Application which you can also share via email or share via SMS also.

This we have just shared with you to educate you people what does the code mean in the Aadhaar Card. So now you know that after scanning that code you can get all details of the Aadhaar Card.

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