LPG Subsidy with Aadhaar Card

In Goa now it has become mandatory to have Aadhaar Card, the LPG Cylinder for consumers will be provided at a high rate after the limit of the quoted LPG Cylinder is crossed, but if you Aadhaar Card you can get that extra charged money in your bank account in the form of Subsidy.

So people are enrolling for Aadhaar Card now because of GAS Cylinders Subsidy, on newspapers it’s also published that this is a last chance for the consumers and only 11 weeks are left for this offer to stop, and more than 2 lakhs have availed that subsidy of the LPG Cylinder in their Bank Accounts.

Those who have not enrolled so enroll it now for Aadhaar Card and get your subsidy of the LPG Gas Cylinder, don’t wait for the last date for Aadhaar Card, get enrolled for Aadhaar Card as soon as possible, below we have also displayed the add which have come on newspapers in Goa published by the Government of Goa to inform people about this subsidy of LPG GAS Cylinders.

Aadhaar Card for LPG

After people knowing about this, people have crowded the Aadhaar Enrollment Stations in Panaji and all other locations of Aadhaar Card Centers in Goa. 

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