My Point of view for Aadhaar Card

After struggling so much we are able to get enrolled for Aadhaar Card but in truth it’s just an earning source for government.

Aadhhar enrollment stations to get enrolled for Aadhaar card where crowded by public but even though people got enrolled by staying in queues so that thinking that might be these Aadhaar Cards will be important in future. So people wasted their valuable time and waited in queues to get enrolled for Aadhaar Card’s at the Aadhaar Card enrollment centers.

People have also taken leave from their work to stand in the queues to get enrolled for Aadhaar Card, some people were standing with their family members which includes small children’s, newly born babies to old people they were also standing in the queues, but after struggling so much government have not improved their quality of work means if there is so much public for Aadhaar Card  enrollment they should put many Aadhaar Card kits so that’s the work gets completed fast and people also doesn’t suffer by standing outside and wasting their time. There were only two Aadhaar kits which were operating and each enrollment was used to take minimum around 15 Mints to maximum 30 Mints.

So this was a huge headache, rather government should afford to put more Aadhaar kits in each Aadhaar Centers so that the work will be also quick and people also will not able to suffer to stand in the queues from morning to evening.

People for Aadhaar Enrollment where used to stay in the queue from morning 8 o’ clock before the enrollment stations opening they was to stay in line so that their number comes first.

But still now I have not seen an single use of Aadhaar Card instead government is promoting Aadhaar card in various schemes and Gas subsidy application so that more and more people gets enrolled for Aadhaar card getting feared about the GAS and various schemes, in my view I thing after 100% people gets enrolled for Aadhaar Card the Aadhaar Card will be a scrap and we will have to trash it and there will be no use of it in future, people will also not even remember what was the Aadhaar card.

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