Government Promotes Aadhaar Card

Government is now promoting Aadhaar Card by various ways by asking them to produce while various Government tasks.

For every one to get enrolled for Aadhaar Card now they are asking to produce while various Government Schemes.

Now government are asking to produce Aadhaar Card while applying for various tasks like:

  • Applying for Driving License
  • Applying for Passport
  • Applying for PAN Card
  • Applying for various Schemes implemented by Government
  • While you appear in Court Aadhaar Card is asked to produce
  • Applying for Opening New Bank Account or Existing Bank Account Holders
  • Admission of School/ College
  • Aadhaar Card is asked to produce as Identity Card
  • Apply for Ration Card
  • Apply for Voting Card
  • To buy New SIM Connection
  • Gas Connection
  • To appear in Exams
  • For Registration of Vehicles

The main aim of Government are asking to provide the Aadhaar Card so that all Indian Citizens should enrolled for Aadhaar Card, as there will be fear that Aadhaar Card will be used for all purposes.

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