Aadhaar Card Software Overview

First tab in the software comes about demographic information.

In Aadhaar Card Software they Fill Demographic Information such as

Personal Details :


Contact Details :

C/O, W/O, D/O, S/O
Village/Town/City, P.O
District, Sub-District
State,Pin Code
Mobile Number & Email

these are all the Demographic details which the Enrollment Operator feeds into the Software and while filling this the Resident can check their Details on the screen which is faced to the Resident, the screen is kept to Resident to check their details while the Operator Enters the Data so there is no mistake in the Demographic Details while the Enrollment Operator is Entering.

You can easily see it in below screenshot.

The Second Section comes in the Aadhaar Software is where they put References which include Place of Birth, Identity and Address Verification Documents Details, in this they enter the details about what are the documents submitted by the resident to get enrolled for Aadhaar Card.

for more information on this matter you can view the below image

Thirdly the Bank Details, this option is not mandatory  its upto you that you want to link your Bank Account with Aadhaar Card or not, you can give your details of your Bank or you can keep it blank.

Check out the below image

In the next that is fourth tab they will click your Photograph.

Fifthly they will capture your left hand four fingers, right hand four fingers and than both thumbs.

Lastly they will capture you both eye iris.

and the last step you can review all your details which is entered.
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