Aadhaar Card Must for Every Citizen of INDIA

Now Aadhaar Card have become mandatory for every Citizens of India.

Now every Indian Citizen must have Aadhaar Card so that they can prove their Identity.

Now Aadhaar Enrollment is going on throughout the Country free of Charge so why don't you people take full advantage of it and get Enrolled for Aadhaar Card.

To get Enrolled for Aadhaar Card just walk in to nearest Aadhaar Card Enrollment Centre and get Enrolled free of Cost, just you will need to provide your Proof of Identity and Proof of Address with Completely filled Aadhaar Card Form and get Enrolled and take your Aadhaar Card Acknowledgement Slip and than you will have to wait for 3 Months for your Aadhaar Card which will reach at your postal Address by Postal Service.

Now Aadhaar Card Enrollments are going free so who knows after some time it might charge also so get Enrolled for Aadhaar Card for Free.

To know how to Check Status of your Aadhaar Card Click Here

Download Aadhaar Card Form from here

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